4. Content Structure


The <Hn> tags represent the hot zones of your web page. It is important not to neglect them.

Content Structure

What are the Hn tags for?

These tags allow you to structure text content: just like in a book!
When Google’s robot comes to read the contents, it will read in priority the words inserted in the Hn tags. It is therefore necessary to use relevant keywords to help Google understand what your page is about.

Header – H1

Contextual and make clear what the subject of the page is.

  • H1 different for each page
  • Main keyword in the h1
  • +/- 5 to 8 words

Headers – H2 to H3

  • Used to structure the content
  • Keywords use is recommended

Do not use H1, H2 or H3 for anything other than the content.


Headers – H4 to H6

  • Repetitive menu
  • Footer title

No weight in SEO


How to find Hn tags in your page ?

To see these tags, you must go to your page and do CTRL + U.
The source code of the page will appear, do CTRL + F and enter <h1 to find the H1 tag for example.

Find Hn tags on a page

Another, simpler solution is to use the Web Developer extension in your web browser (CTRL + Maj + i)

Where to put the Hn?

Tags can be placed anywhere on your home page.
However, for internal pages it is preferable to place them in the editorial content. Avoid placing h1, h2 or h3 in the menu or in the footer. This makes sense because these tags help Google understand what your page is about.



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