1. Page title


Google gives a lot of weight to the words present in the title tag. This is part of its criteria for the relevance of its algorithm. If you want your site to be well referenced, you must therefore carefully write all the title tags of your strategic pages.

Page title On-page SEO

The points to remember to write an optimized title tag are the following:

  • Insert the main keyword of the page.
  • Not a series of keywords (you must make the users want to click).
  • 70 characters including spaces.
  • Google gives each keyword a weight inversely proportional to the number of words in the title tag (so it’s better to keep it short).
  • Google gives more weight to the words at the beginning of the tag (so the main keyword is placed at the beginning and the brand name at the end).
  • Exception: the home page may have a title tag written differently: the brand name then the keywords and information.
  • A different title tag per page.


Keypoints :

  • Use the main keyword
  • Between 7 / 10 words – 60 characters
  • Unique (to void canibalization)
  • At the end : write the website’s name with a separator


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